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Who We Are

C19 Analytics is a team of thinkers, doers and innovators who help small and medium-sized companies become more competitive, increase revenue, and become more profitable by leveraging data analytics.

Meet the Team



Brent Allen

Brent, an expert in Data Science and Analytics, has a proven track record of creating tools and processes that improve process flow, save costs, and increase gross margin for global manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and the U.S. Navy.


Brent comes from a strong background in computer science from the United States Naval Academy, expertise in Six Sigma and the Toyota Production System LEAN methodology, Data Science, and Ethical Hacker Certification.


His focus on modeling data to gain a competitive advantage has been a consistent theme throughout his career.



Mike Godsoe

Mike comes from a background Marketing and Finance. He also holds a Black Belt in Six Sigma from the Six Sigma Management Institute and well as an Executive MBA.


Throughout his technology career, Mike has actively collaborated with senior leaders in Financial Services, Real Estate, and Manufacturing sectors. Mike has also worked with clients in aligning AI platforms to non-structured data analytics.


His primary focus has been on identifying cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms that seamlessly align with digital transformation initiatives. Mike has also assisted numerous early-stage start-ups in developing and executing effective go-to-market strategies.

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